Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vivid Sydney

Laurie Anderson, Lighting the Sails, Sydney Opera House, May 27–June 20, 2010, from Vivid Sydney website

Vivid Sydney, an annual public festival of “light, music and ideas,” is the largest festival of its kind in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere. The festival includes large-scale light installations and projections, music performances and more.

Vivid Sydney transforms the city through its various installations and events. The festival features the illumination of the Sydney Opera House sails (above). Laurie Anderson used adaptations of previous artwork as graphics that to light the sails. Click here to see more pictures of the projections.

Anderson and her husband, Lou Reed, were co-curators of VividLIVE, a production of the Sydney Opera House. This two-week festival took place for the first two weeks of VividSydney and featured a program of music, film, theatre and visual arts. VividLIVE celebrated “fearless innovation and ambition.”

Click here for the VividSydney website and here for an article about Lighting the Sails.

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