Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Sea Around Us

"Port of Rotterdam" by Maximilien Luce (1903). Nassau County Museum of Art Permanent Collection.

The Sea Around Us, an exhibition at the Nassau County Museum of Art (NCMA) in Roslyn Harbor, New York, presents works of art that focus on bodies of water. The exhibition “examines the romantic fascination artists have always had for expanses of water.”

The exhibition showcases works from American and European artists from the mid-19th century to the present and includes art by Jasper F. Crospey, Edward Hopper and Monet, among others. The works are on loan from other major public and private collections, such as the National Gallery of Art and the Brooklyn Museum.

Works in the exhibition depict bodies of water in various ways, from calm beaches to dangerous tsunamis. According to NCMA, The Sea Around Us “provides an examination of how artists have portrayed both the attractions and dangers of oceans and waters as well as their qualities of metaphor.”

The Sea Around Us is on view through September 12. Read this article from the New York Times reviewing the exhibition.

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That is a fairly negative review by Schwendener.