Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Construction Updates from Holder

Here are the construction updates from Holder through Friday, June 11.

Current week - Activities/Issues:

New Gallery / Connector

Building removable walls

Installing wood bases

Trim out of light fixtures

Existing Building Renovations

Installing 1st floor lobby ceiling

Installing millwork / shelving

MEP final trim out

Installing doors and hardware

Storage Bar

Installing punch window opening on third floor

Continue MEP trim out

Site / Sculpture Garden

Poured stairs, ramps, and walk pads and continued installing planting beds

Backfilling cistern tanks

Next week - Activities/Issues:

New Gallery / Connector

Complete removable walls

Complete stair handrails

Installing millwork

Existing Building Renovations

Continue HCC Completion List

Finishes in 1st floor lobby

Storage Bar

Final paint

Site / Sculpture Garden

Back filling cistern/piping

Continue to install plants

Parking Garage Roof Installation Progress

Removable Walls Construction

Landing and Stairwell Railing Installation

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