Monday, May 03, 2010

Construction Updates from Holder

Here's the most recent construction update from Holder, dated April 30. As you can tell from the info and photos below, they're doing a lot of interior work and tiling at the moment.

Current week - Activities/Issues:
New Gallery / Connector
· Wood floor sleeper system started
· Started terrazzo in connector
· Started restroom tile

Existing Building Renovations
· Continue painting existing walls
· Completed repairs to existing brick

Storage Bar
· Completed low roof installation

Site / Sculpture Garden
· Poured final wall section
· Installed water vault
· Installing irrigation system

Next week - Activities/Issues:
New Gallery / Connector
· Continue wood floor

Existing Building Renovations
· Start below SOG vapor barrier at the east alternate entry
· Start roofing / gutters for the east alternate entry
· Continue to finish walls and prime paint
· Begin 3rd floor millwork

Storage Bar
· Begin 3rd floor millwork
· Hang drywall in the 2nd floor

Site / Sculpture Garden
· Continue to excavate cistern tank and water pump tank
· Pour concrete pavers
· Spread topsoil

Restroom terrazzo floor tile

Restroom ceramic tile

Connector terrazzo mud bed

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