Friday, February 05, 2010


Here's a useful app for you art lovers who travel frequently and diversely. The new artnear, for the iPhone, will pull up a map of nearby galleries and museums, along with details on current exhibitions, admission, etc. There's a pro version for $4.99 that enables bookmarks for archiving, but the regular version is free as free can be.


Anonymous said...

It's a pretty worthless app, though, because artnear charges an outrageous $20-$60 / month for a museum or gallery to be listed. Most people will avoid the app anyway, as Google has the exact same service (well, Google is much better) for FREE.

Anonymous said...

It's an awesome app and I hope that they will actually be successful. After all, google is not an art app and one can't search by artists or events. No idea what the person before this is talking about. Totally stupid. It's like saying artnet doesn't have a place in the arts.