Friday, November 13, 2009

Georgia Theatre Quilt

On June 19, 2009, fire destroyed Athens’ beloved Georgia Theatre, the historic and popular music venue at which many famous bands and artists have performed—including the B-52s, John Mayer and R.E.M. The Georgia Theatre opened as a music venue in 1978, and 30 years later, the fire caused much sadness in the Athens area and beyond.

Photograph of the Georgia Theatre, 1953

The Georgia Theatre is now working on a new project to raise money. Not only does Athens have a well-known music scene, but it also has a great art scene. Local artist Jennifer Schildknecht “hopes to unite the music and art communities in order to generate more love and support” for the Georgia Theatre. She has called upon artists, musicians, businesses and anyone else to participate in creating an art quilt. The quilt will be a “non-traditional wall-hanging.” The goal is for two quilts to be made—one quilt will be auctioned off to raise money for rebuilding and the other will be given to the Georgia Theatre as a gift. If you’re interested in participating, all quilt blocks must be turned in by November 30. Click here for more information about guidelines and submission.

The Georgia Theatre, in an ongoing effort to raise funds to rebuild, is hoping to have its doors open again by New Year’s Eve 2011. The Theatre has partnered with The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation and has also established a fund to accept tax-deductible donations

Rendering of the future theatre interior

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