Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Closing Reception

So, "Staff Infection," the small, informal exhibition of works created by GMOA staff members, will come to a close soon, with a closing reception this Friday (November 20) at noon. If you haven't stopped by the Visual Arts Building on Jackson Street yet, where our temporary offices are for the next who knows how long exactly and where the exhibition is up in the entrance hallway, please do so. There will be refreshments provided by the staff, potluck-style, during the reception, and we probably can't eat all of them ourselves. So if you'd like some free food and drink and wouldn't mind checking out some art in the process, come say hi on Friday afternoon. Next up in the space, works by Judith McWillie's aqueous media class.


Lynn Boland said...

By "who knows how long exactly" did you mean "until we move back into our building in preparation for our reopening in January 2011?"

hillary said...

Of course! As our director keeps reminding us, we _will_ reopen in January 2011, come hell or high water (the latter of which has seemed more likely over the past few months).