Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The National Gallery’s New Audio Tour Features Sound Art

According to an article from Art Daily, this Friday, October 30, the National Gallery in London will launch its new tour, “Sounds of the Gallery.”

For the new tour, various artists will introduce clips of “sound art” to coincide with paintings in the collection. The goal is to allow an imaginative engagement with the works in the collection and to provide an opportunity for visitors to think about how painters strive to engage all of our senses with their creations.

Sound artists such as film composer Simon Fisher Turner, musician and sound curator David Toop, wildlife sound recording artist Chris Watson and students from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication used paintings such as Claude Monet’s “Thames Below Westminster,” John Constable’s “Cornfield” and Paul Gauguin’s “Vase of Flowers” as inspiration for the sound pieces.

Art Daily sees this new tour as an exciting opportunity to break down the barriers between different kinds of art.

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