Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Construction Updates from Holder

Here's Holder's weekly update on construction, complete with identified photos (click on the image above to make it larger).

Holder Construction Company

Weekly Activity Report

Georgia Museum of Art Expansion and Renovations

At the University of Georgia

Date: Week of July 27th, 2009 Report No. 4

Current week- Activities/Issues:

· Continued to excavate foundations.

· Continued to pour footings for the new gallery.

· Poured the large signage wall footings.

· Installed new storm water utilities and manholes.

· Demolished the interior side of the main stairwell.

· Started GAB sub-grade for asphalt under new gallery.

· Prepared crane access roads.

· Structural Steel plant visit.

· Continued utility exploration at the North Storage Bar.

o Located the domestic water line.

o Located the chilled water lines.

o Found an emergency power feed that runs under the new foundation.

o Found a sewer line that runs under the new foundation.

Next week- Activities/Issues:

· Continue to excavate for gallery and connector footings/foundations.

· Continue to pour footings for the new gallery and connector.

· Continue to excavate and install site utilities and manholes.

· Continue demolition of the exterior canopy and main stairwell.

· Cap existing utilities at the main stairwell.

· Place GAB and asphalt binder under new gallery.

· Install temporary lines for domestic water, chilled water and emergency power feed at the storage bar addition.

· Mobilize crane for steel erection.

· Receive 1st deliveries of structural steel.

· Build the Architectural Wall mock-up.


  • Footing compaction testing.
  • Stone/backfill material testing.
  • Rebar inspections.
  • Concrete cylinder testing.
  • Sprayed foundations for termite control.
  • Underground utility inspections.
  • GAP Sub-grade inspections.

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