Monday, June 22, 2009

Young Dawgs: Alexis Richardson

Alexis enjoyed her first blog post, and her supervisor in the Young Dawgs program was impressed, so she decided she wanted to keep writing about what she's learning here. You can expect to hear from her more often. Here's what she wrote today:
For the past three and a half weeks at GMOA, my internship here has been better then I thought. At first I was very nervous on the first day that I would mess up on scanning books. But I shocked myself when my prints turned out to be good. In the Publications department I enjoy my supervisors and the other interns that I work with. I am learning a lot of work skills that will help me in the workforce; for instance in the Publications department what shocked me was that I wasn’t doing office work, like answering the phones or getting mail. I am really doing things that you don’t normally do in an office. That’s why I really enjoy coming to GMOA every day because there is never nothing for me to do. I am always busy till it’s time for me to go home. This experience has showed me to be more responsible and to be more accreted. Day after day I am learning more things to get me ready for the real world on my own as a young adult.

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