Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Second Life GMOA Gets More Like Real-Life GMOA

One of our major projects during the past spring semester at UGA, in which public relations interns Lauren Coppage, Orian Edelman and Caitlin Neglia were very involved, was the creation and recording of scripts for various paintings in the Second Life version of the museum. The idea was that visitors to the Second Life GMOA would be able to walk up to an image and see instructions on how to play a 30-second audio clip giving more information about the painting and/or the artist. Well, the interns did a fabulous job, working with our curators to produce text, then recording it, and our buddies over at the Center for Teaching and Learning have just gotten all the clips up live. We encourage you to revisit (or visit for the first time) the Second Life GMOA (instructions are here) and click around to hear all the clips. If you're having trouble hearing anything, check your "preferences" to make sure you have "play streaming music when available" checked.

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