Monday, May 11, 2009

More News from AAM: ICOM

What else happened at AAM? Our director, William U. Eiland, passed along the following note about his activities there:
I have been elected to the board of ICOM-USA, which is in a period of transition to what appears to be more independence from AAM but without cutting any ties. The meeting of the board that I intended was primarily about administrative matters, including meeting the new secretariat general, who is French and who has an office in Paris. The next meeting for university affiliates of ICOM is in Berkeley this fall and the next general meeting in Shanghai in 2010, I think.
ICOM is the International Council of Museums, and was founded in 1946. A nonprofit, non-governmental organization, it is dedicated to the improvement and advancement of the world's museums and the museum profession as well as the preservation of cultural heritage. ICOM has more than 21,000 members in 140 countries working through national and international committees and affiliated and regional organizations and embraces museums of every size and discipline in every corner of the world. Eiland has been heavily involved in many professional organizations of the kind and is recognized as a leader in the field. We congratulate him on his election and know that ICOM-USA could not have a better board member!

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