Monday, March 23, 2009

Folk Art!

Those of you who don't keep up with the folk art world may not realize that the spring sale at Slotin Folk Art is coming up this Saturday (March 28, 2009), with 960 items and objects of art up for auction, from face jugs to paintings to tramp art and advertisements. Slotin's catalogue is always a great deal of fun to flip through, and they've got everything listed online if you're not on their mailing list. The B.F. Perkins painting above is on the cover of the print catalogue, and it's a stunning piece, one that reminded us of his paintings that appeared in the exhibition and catalogue Amazing Grace: Self-Taught Artists from the Mullis Collection, the latter of which we still have for sale for a mere $48 through the museum shop (we also handle wholesale sales), which will be launching its web presence soon.

The museum also has a fabulous R.A. Miller show in the works, also drawn from Carl's collection, which will be up at the Lyndon House Arts Center this August. We're working on the exhibition and catalogue right now, so keep checking here for updates.

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